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The Biological Evidences for Creation

The Biological Evidences for Creation, also titled From a Frog to a Prince, produced by Keziah Productions; distributed by Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham, Director, P.O. Box 6330, Florence, KY 41022, ph. 606-727-2222.

This 30 minute video, suited for high school, college, and adult audiences, is the best presentation I've seen to date of the evidence that Intelligent Design (God's) produced all the unique, complex life on earth; versus Darwinian evolution (otherwise known as macro-evolution), that asserts that a new species can arise from a series of random mutations of another species with no need for an Intelligent Designer.

The highlight of the video is the interview conducted by Christian journalist David Aikman, with pro-evolutionist Dr. Richard Dawkins, zoologist at Oxford University and author of the controversial book, The Blind Watchmaker, which dogmatically asserts that "the selective accumulation of lucky mutations" can explain how one species can evolve to another species. After some preliminaries, Aikman asks Dawkins if he could provide any examples in the fossil record of one species evolving to another. Dawkins pauses, looks away from the camera deep in thought for about half a minute with Aikman looking on. Dawkins finally responds that "300 million years ago, there was a common ancestor," but fails to provide any evidence from the fossil record of a transitional form.

To counter Dawkin's views, four professors with sound scientific credentials are interviewed:

  1. Israeli biophysicist Dr. Lee Spetner, author of the very informative book Not By Chance, who presents the case for directed Intelligent Design (ID) of life (ISBN 1-880582-24-4; c. 1997 and 1998 by Dr. Lee Spetner, The Judaica Press, Inc., 123 Ditmas Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11218;
  2. Molecular biologist Dr. Michael Denton, author of the book Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, which was one of the first books to present the ID model, inspiring other Intelligent Design proponents to build upon Denton's ideas, both in print and in debates with macro-evolutionists in academic settings.
  3. Dr. Werner Gitt, Information Scientist in Germany, who explains that evolutionary mechanisms can't produce new information, and
  4. Australian biologist Dr. Don Batten, who states that there are definite constraints to biological changes; "frogs will always breed frogs."

(Also from AIG and moderated by journalist David Aikman: The Image of God, about the origin of man, and Raging Waters, evidence of the Genesis Flood in Australia.)

First printed in The American Night Watch Newsletter, Volume VII, Part 9, September 1999.

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