Mid-Watch Report: February 2011
Is America Ready to be Awakened?

by Sterling M. Durgy

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Mid-Watch Report The American Night Watch (TM)

of  The American Night Watch
Vol. 10   No. 1   February 2011

Is America Ready to be Awakened?

Every so often something happens in history that indicates that things will never be the same again. We have had a series of strong wakeup calls in the last decade: the attack on 9/11 -- the housing crisis -- the debt crisis in federal and state governments debtor nations facing bankruptcy a horrific war against drug cartels on our southern border -- shifts in governments and the balance of power throughout the world. These all indicate that we are at one of those moments in history when change is going to affect everyone whether they're ready for it or not. Such times call upon us to evaluate frankly how we have been living and whether we should continue to live that way given the challenges that are coming our way.

The approach to life many people in America seem to think is most beneficial may be accurately characterized as "perpetual adolescence." Adolescence, of course, is known to be a time of arrogance, self-indulgence, and ideals. The "ideals" aspect doesn't seem to fit with the other two characteristics, but it does because the "ideals" that are sought are often impractical and remote; these are ideals that don't affect the person holding them because adolescents tend to be hyper-critical of others and seldom critical of themselves. An adolescent ideal, for example, is to want "world peace" while caring little about throwing other people's lives into turmoil by one's behavior. Another is to see all authority as oppressive, but to impose personal views on others forcefully and without regret. Such ideals don't help much in the real world, and with crises multiplying in our time, it is reality that must be dealt with. With this in mind, it seems that one of the great questions for our culture is whether many in America will choose to remain adolescent or to grow up.

The world, at this point, isn't offering us a choice without consequences. The crises facing us are so serious that remaining adolescent simply ensures that we will be defeated by one crisis or another, sooner or later. The Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32) lived his ideal of unencumbered freedom until his money ran out; then, he found out that his "friends" were only interested in his money and the best he could get to eat was worse than what the pigs were fed. Only then did he understand that he was better off in his father's house: a house he had felt himself blessed to be outside of a short time before, and a house his "fair-weather" friends would never have advised him to go back to when he had money in his pockets.

In the US today, it is the "Progressives," the "Liberals," who have been warning people not to go back to Father's house in this case, our heavenly Father: God. They have taught our children to act without regard for boundaries, to demand without considering the consequences for others, to spend without regard for where the money is coming from, and to act like all the world is our friend when so many only want what they can take from us. They have turned our educational establishments into centers of indoctrination, our news sources into purveyors of propaganda, and our government into a parasite on responsible citizens. They have turned academic and political discourse into mob scenes and political activity into temper-tantrums, obsessed with power like an adolescents discovering new adult-like abilities. But all that is to no avail when, as the Prodigal Son found out, the resources run out. Crises have a way of shaking us out and revealing our weaknesses. Ours are being exposed now, and they will be our downfall if we don't replace childish self-indulgence with maturity and strength.

It is time to say "enough" to irreligion and "living like there's no tomorrow"; tomorrow has come, and it isn't knocking at our door, it is breaking it down. Jesus taught that those who built their lives upon His Words would prevail in times of storm (Matthew 7:24-29, Luke 6:47-49). He taught that it is necessary to face the world realistically, not with misplaced idealism (cf. Titus 2:11-14). Progressivism (aka Liberalism) has held us captive far too long. It is time to return to God through His Christ, receive His Spirit, and face the world as responsible adults. It is time to seek something better than just that which brings short-term pleasure, exchanging "kicks" for the lasting peace and joy that follow devotion to the Lord. It is time to stop grabbing for all we can get and realize that true wealth comes in bringing benefits to others. It is time to labor hard for a better life and a better world in a nation that is truly "under God." But time is running out and there are grave consequences if we don't awaken soon.

The apostle Paul wrote, "When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things" (1 Corinthians 13:11). It is time for Americans to follow. There are dark clouds on the horizon, and the storm has begun. - SMD


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