Partnership with God

by Rev. Joe Hoover

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If we all have a partnership with God our stewardship will become a privilege instead of a chore.

In one McGuffey's Reader there is a story of a poor family, a father and mother who were blessed with eight children. A wealthy relative offers to adopt one of these children. The parents decide they should allow one to be adopted. It will be good for them. But when the time comes to decide which child they will give, they find the decision difficult. It is night and all the children are asleep in bed. The story continues:

"Which shall it be, which shall it be, I looked at John, and John looked at me."

The scene certainly reminds us of tough decisions. Should I get out of bed to go to church? Should I give the $5 bill or the $10 bill? Do I want to serve on the Pastor-Parish Relations Committee? Which shall it be? Which shall it be?

There is a way to make decisions so they become a delight rather than drudgery. A partnership needs to be made with God. If our decision is a financial one, our partnership with God will include a desire to contribute to the work of the church. Therefore we commit to a plan with 3% or 5% or 10%. Once this commitment is made, the decision has already been made when the offering plate is passed. The joy comes by living up to the commitment you made in partnership with God.

The same thing happens when you take the decision to attend church away from the "Sunday Morning Blues." In partnership with God you commit yourself to a certain level of attendance to worship. The same thing can be said about taking an active role in the life of a church. It begins with a commitment, then the joy comes instead of dread as you fulfill what you committed to your heavenly Father.

Stewardship is the practice of the commitment to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and then doing it.

First printed in The American Night Watch Newsletter, Volume VI, Part 12, December 1998.

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