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The following are links to other Internet sites that you might find interesting . . .

Please note: While we list links to organizations that we believe share at least some of the goals of The American Night Watch, the listing of a link on this page does not mean blanket approval of the views of an organization or the information found at their web site. In other words, the views expressed by the organizations represented by the links below are not necessarily the views of The American Night Watch.

Also, there are many fine Christian organizations on the Internet that are not listed here. The absence of a listing is not meant to imply anything negative about those organizations.

Finally, sites coming and going and sites changing address (URL) seems to be a fact of life on the world wide web. We try to keep our links up to date, but sometimes things change without our knowledge. If you find a link that doesn't work we'd appreciate knowing about it for the sake of others trying to "surf" from this page (you may e-mail: Thanks and God bless!

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More Serious Reading for Today's Christians:

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The following organizations are worthy of your support:

Discernment Ministries:

(Dedicated to seeking truth. It is not necessary to completely agree with the views of these ministries to profit from their extensive research.)

Other Web Sites of Interest to Christians:

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Note: The doctrinal distinctives of the denominations listed below are not necessarily embraced by The American Night Watch.
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