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Acts 15: What the Decision of the Jerusalem Council Means Today
By Rev. Sterling M. Durgy

A study of the first great council of the Christian church helps us to understand the nature of true Christian spirituality and evangelism.

Charting a Course for the Church
By Rev. Sterling M. Durgy

This study is written with church leaders in mind (lay and clergy), but reveals important insights for all Christians. Lasting church growth is based upon the apostolic foundation of our faith. And a knowledge of the apostolic foundation of our faith makes all Christians more steadfast and fruitful in the service of Jesus Christ, less likely to be torn in the wrong direction by the latest attitudes and fads.

Christian Faith
By Rev. Sterling M. Durgy

These three articles discuss the nature of Christian faith and how we live by faith. Each builds on the insights provided in the previous article.

Laying a Foundation for Revival
By Rev. Sterling M. Durgy

"Look before you leap" isn't a Scriptural teaching, but it is good common sense. Given the popularity of "revival" in today's Christian community, a careful consideration of the subject is in order. This study examines what we can expect from God and what God expects from us.

The Inerrancy of the Holy Scriptures
By Rev. Sterling M. Durgy

The inerrancy of Scripture, properly understood, is an important Christian doctrine, inasmuch as recognizing the authority of Scripture is fundamental to growth in true Christian spirituality and service.

The Temptation of Christ
A Bible Study of: Matthew 4:1-11, Mark 1:12-13, and Luke 4:1-13
By Rev. Sterling M. Durgy

A consideration of the temptation of Christ not only gives us a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ, it can also help Christians in their spiritual lives today.

The True Worship of God
By Rev. Sterling M. Durgy

This series discusses the nature of worship that is "acceptable to God."

What We Know About the Afterlife
By Rev. Sterling M. Durgy

This study concentrates upon the clear teachings of Scripture concerning life after death.

Scriptural Holiness
By Rev. Sterling M. Durgy

Holiness is one of the central themes of Holy Scripture. Scriptural holiness is the only holiness that is true, the only holiness worth pursuing, the only holiness that is guaranteed by the Lord to His people.

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